Sailing boats Charter in Tuscany

We can customize any route or choose new ones as per your requests.

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GCD CHARTER'S partners have always been passionately fond of sailing; their experience and skill have been combined in order to create a new capacity to meet any people's requirements. GDC's top priority is to be able to understand and satisfy customers' needs. After a long time experience in sailing competitions and cruise holidays GDC have decided to provide their services to customers who might wish to sail for one week (or more weeks), or just for one night, having dinner onboard while moored in a charming cove. All our boats were chosen to meet the following requirements:

  • Reduced crew management
  • User friendly running
  • Sailing as per safety measures
  • Fast sailing under any condition
  • Massimo confort con interni spaziosi, eleganti ma semplici
  • Every modern comforts in spacious, elegant though simple indoors.
  • Modern design combined with harmonious elegance

Sail/ motor boat charter

You may find sail boats or motor boats charters all over the islands of Tuscan Archipelago: the Isle of Gorgona, Elba, the Isle of Pianosa, the Isle of Montecristo, the Isle of Giglio, the Isle of Giannutri, the Isle of Palmaiola, the Isle of Cerboli, Formiche di Grosseto with its shoals and reef etc...
We have a long time experience in cruises organization in Corsica and Sardegna as well. Starting from the present year, thanks to our passion for the sea and sailing and the cooperation of other partners, we are able to offer sail charter also in Lazio and the Pontine Isles (the isle of Ponza...) ...
As lovers of our charming islands which made us dream and keep arousing strong emotions which we would like to share, we think we might recommend you the best choice as to your boats ad destinations.

General Information

Before going into details, some general information which might be useful:
During summer months (June - September) boats can be hired only on a weekly basis (i.e. from
Sunday to Sunday).
From October to May it will be possible to hire the boats at week-ends (from Friday night to Sunday night) or even for shorter periods (from Saturday morning to Sunday night). Daily or night excursions are also available. You may check our full programme on our website

Individual Boardings

Sail on your own, as a couple, or with friends; be prepared for an enjoyable holiday and meeting new people. You can book a cabin or just a bed, and we will do our best to make you feel comfortable. Visit new charming places, improve your sailing skills, taste delicious local products. This voyage is suitable either for people with sailing skills or people with none. In this shared life everyone is to give a hand on board (sailing manoeuvres, lower deck tasks, kitchen and cleaning etc.)


The best way to enjoy your holidays at the seaside is definitely on a boat. Even in August, in the most crowded of places, a boat is a haven of peace. Imagine a gorgeous sailing boat moored and waiting for you! A wonderful voyage is going to start: sea bathing at dawn, the sound of seagulls hovering above you, sipping your coffee on deck while the sun is rising and a gentle morning breeze strokes the smooth sea surface.

Team Building

Planning and having experiences able to stimulate team spirit, energy, motivation, communication and confidence. You may not be a born leader but you definitely can become one. That is the goal of this course: turning regular employees of a companies into their leaders.

the acquisition of techniques for improving the relationships among colleagues.

companies interested in motivating their employees

The means by which it operates
There are several ways to stimulate team spirit and leadership; emotional involvement is foremost and you can get it through sailing. Being aware of one's strengths, of one's own team and of other people's expectations, may turn you either into a leader or a happier and more motivated employee.

Through the knowledge of the strengths, knowledge of their team, awareness of what others expect from the leader.

in wonderful Tuscany, the perfect place to combine the sights of the archipelago with sea weather conditions suitable for any competition. Ideal for short sails along the coasts by day or night, or technical races and match races.

The course will be fully held on board.

Unmanned Boat

The best choice for those who have minimum sailing experience and wish total independence in performing all tasks, including cleaning and cooking. This is the perfect relaxing holiday either with your partner, with family or sharing expenses with a group of friends. Unrestricted sailing licence and radio-telephone operator licence are mandatory.

Manned Boat

A voyage without any worry! Be the captain of your boat! A professional skipper will show you the best routes and the safest mooring, and will suggest the most interesting places to visit. The best choice either for people who wish to improve their sailing skills, or people with no sailing experience at all and simply wish to enjoy a peaceful, lovely holiday. Do you wish an even more relaxing cruise? You can also ask for a skipper and a steward, they will be your crew, in charge of anything onboard. A real personal cruise!


Several boats sailing together under the leadership of one or more experienced skippers, yfe will follow a set route. Sailing at sight, calling at ports or at roads, people onboard will be able to exchange impressions, to have meals together and make friends. An unforgettable experience which combines the joy of being all together with sailing and discovering the natural beauties of different places. You may choose among the coves and the most gorgeous beaches either to bathe or spend the night. Excursions to picturesque places and archaeological sites in Sicily are also included.

Training cruise e Boat race

Learn or improve your sailing skills. You may even take part in a boat race (Capri, Middle Sea Race, Roma per tutti etc.) by signing up for one of our courses (enter our website for further information or sign in for our newsletter).

Scuba diving cruise

We may also offer the opportunity for a Scuba Diving Cruise. Our purposely equipped boats and experienced skippers/scuba-divers will show you around among the most amazing seabeds. Alternative programmes available for guests onboard.

Information and booking
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